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п»їKroll Bond Ranking Agency (HBS 9-212-034)

August 23, 2014

Tzyy-Shiuan Chiu, Yuanyuan Hao, Mofan Shi, Hsin-Ping Tso

A great time and A smart idea to Enter the Credit score Business Jules Kroll is usually planning to enter the evaluations industry. To determine whether it is a good suggestion and a good time for him to enter in the new business, all of us project the 5-year NPV for KBRA and apply SWOT analysis to KBRA. The 5-year projected NPV is $341. 1 , 000, 000, a positive amount. It is a good time and recommended for KBRA to enter the business. However , through our SWOT analysis, it will be difficult pertaining to KBRA for being competitive very quickly. Thus all of us suggest that add a credit rating division into the company for making attempts to it but not start up a completely independent credit score company. The Strengths of Kroll Connect Rating Company are that Jules Kroll has a lots of related experience about corporate and business management and that Kroll's former company was worldwide well known, even listed in the public capital market. The Kroll company intelligence company, which experienced shares detailed on NASDAQ, and K2 Global Lovers, which likewise performed intellect and risk management work for customers, are evidences that Kroll may include adequate experience and knowledge about corporate management. The ability helps him extend in a credit rating business. With the strengths, the new organization established can attract several people's interest and gain users' 1st trust to get KBRA. Finally, those users might tend to purchase the agency's service. Even though Kroll has much encounter about business management, the credit rating business is still a start up business field to get him. The Weaknesses of KBRA is a lack of certified staff, difficulties to obtain NRSRO position, substantial startup company costs of KBRA organization, and little interests from users and issuers of credit rating. In respect to Kroll, " If I can't put the same kind of talent [of PhDs from MIT], I can't compete”. Locating and paying out appropriate personnel...