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INTEREST GRABBER: Imagine being separated from your own as well as feeling unsure as to whether or perhaps not you will ever see all of them again. They do not want to come everywhere near you, to suit your needs are a menace to their well being. The only guests who come with in 12 feet of you will be strangers in full on defensive gear. They just do not want to expose the slightest bit of epidermis to you and you can not discover anything besides their eye. The world worries what you are and no one wants to arrive close to you. You already know death can be near, and you are all alone.

THEME: Today I will tell you about the rare and deadly disease called Ebola.

SURVEY: First, I will give you advice about the virus by itself. Secondly, I will talk about how come Americans have got every right to live in fear, and finally Let me tell you how to prevent the distributed of this lethal disease.

**1st Transition**Now which i have layed out my discussion, lets go over how Ebola was found out.


INITIALLY POINT: Ebola first appeared in Central The african continent in 1976. In this 1st outbreak, 280 of 318 people who developed Ebola, died. That's a great 88% death rate. Ebola researchers think that the normal host of Ebola will be fruit bats, and the virus is first transmitted to nonhuman primates and after that to humans through rose bush meat control. It is also which there is immediate transmission from the bats to humans. The virus causes white bloodstream cells to rupture and prevent blood from clotting. Early on symptoms are flu-like, but also in the final levels of the disease, patient's eye turn reddish colored, body parts get bigger, and affected individuals appear to be bruised all over from internal blood loss. Sufferers likewise bleed coming from all passage. The disease is pass on through indication of bodily fluids like be sick, saliva and urine. In 1994, Richard Preston, the modern Yorker contributor who has written a number of literature on infectious disease, mentioned, " Ebola does in 10 days what it takes AIDS 10 years to accomplish. ”

**2nd Transition**Now that we...