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The management of health, basic safety and well being issues to get NHS personnel

New release, 2005

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Part 1 Section 2 Chapter 3 Section 4 Part 5 Phase 6 Phase 7 Phase 8 Phase 9 Chapter 10 Phase 11 Part 12 Phase 13 Section 14 Phase 15 Section 16 Chapter 17 Part 18 Section 19 Chapter 20 Phase 21 Part 22 Phase 23 Launch Main problems highlighted by the National Audit Office survey Health analysis The Work-related Health Key card Managing sickness absence Controlling risk The process of risk evaluation Slips, trips and falls Manual handling The use of contractors and sub-contractors Dangerous chemicals in the workplace Liquor and drugs A smoke-free NHS Mental health Stress management Therapy and redeployment The NHS Pension Structure and NHS Injury Advantage Scheme Blood-borne viruses Needlestick management Handling infected cadavers Latex Violence against NHS staff Work-related health and safety in major care


1 2 3 four Contractors health insurance and safety proficiency appraisal type Needlestick damage Department of Health suggestions for managing bodies with infections Biohazard guidance desk on the management of regarded or thought infections


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The management of health, protection and wellbeing issues pertaining to NHS personnel, 2005




Chapter you: Introduction

The management of occupational health insurance and safety inside the NHS has come a long way considering that the launch more than a decade ago of the ‘Blue Book', The management of health, safety and welfare issues to get NHS staff. Occupational wellness in the NHS has noticed the number of consultants double and the introduction of your new affiliation for NHS occupational well being nurses. We now have also found the kick off of NHS Plus which usually, we hope, has led to an increase in expense in NHS occupational health services. High-profile cases on the health and protection front have seen a substantial rise in the number of certified health and protection managers in NHS organisations, particularly in the developing main care sector. We have likewise seen a greater in anticipations of what the service may and does present. The roll-out of occupational health and protection services to general experts and their staff, and subsequently to dental practitioners, has noticed NHS work-related health, and health and safety units, develop new ways of delivering services to meet the needs of a dispersed and fragmented clientele. A successful plan to recruit more staff for the NHS, which include those from abroad, features seen the introduction of protocols for assessing exercise for operate and a great upsurge inside the testing of staff to get blood-borne viruses. New concerns for occupational health assessments – and increased responsibility – have arisen coming from: • work-related stress rising to the top of the political plan • the complete introduction from the Disability Discrimination Act 95 • objectives for minimizing ill-health old age • a better emphasis on therapy. An increasing knowing of the need for multi-function working, to handle issues just like stress, features seen work-related health professionals, and health and safety professionals, doing work more carefully than ever before and the development of genuinely multi-professional teams. Occupational health smart playing cards (OHSCs) intended for doctors in training include focused the minds of occupational wellness staff upon what information they are willing to accept from the other occupational wellness units and what resistant they should require to ensure the validity of data.

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The management of health, security and wellbeing issues for NHS staff, 2005

Part 1: Advantages

The Affiliation of NHS Occupational Health Practitioners (ANHOPS) plus the Association of NHS Occupational Health Nurses (ANHONS) gathered for the first time to...