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 Widgets «R» Us Essay

2612 Widget Parkway

La, California 95757 OFFICE (213-546-2803)

FAX (213-546-2805)

Request for Proposal

Training services for Workforce Employees Training on Microsoft company Office Courses

Inquiries and Proposals Should Be Directed To:

Bill Johnson

Specialist Development Coordinator

Widgets " R” Us

[email protected] org



Introduction to the company

Widgets " 3rd there’s r Us is a high doing company that gives the production of the wide range of widgets to both private and business sector. The widgets are produced in higher quantities at our factory located away from Los Angeles, A bunch of states in the associated with San Bernardino, California. Icons ”R” All of us have been in organization over 12 years and has established itself as one of the top businesses in the industry. The organization is always looking for ways to increase and retain their current consumer bottom.

Featuring outstanding customer care is always a target of Icons " R” Us. Keeping customers content and pleased when calling our support staff. Additional training of staff can help in maintaining the customer base. Ensuring the customer experience is a fulfilling one when calling each of our customer service support line, that may add benefit to our items bottom line. The company feels training our staff in the utilization of Microsoft Office programs is going to indeed be beneficial to the organization by continuous to improve customer service to our clients. It is important that once our client purchase widget(s) they truly feel secure that any kind of problems that occurs, our trained customer service staff will be right there to quickly and efficiently fix it. This correspondence sets out the complete scope of work we could requesting, targets, procedures,...