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Spoken language analyze: Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow Michael McIntyre is a modern-day stand-up comedian, with a wide fan base dispersing through several age groups. He's released three comedy Digital video disks - Live and Having a laugh, Hello Wembley and Showtime - and judging Britain's Got Ability, appearing in several episodes of Live on the Apollo and hosting his own TV show on BBC One: Michael jordan McIntyre's Humor Roadshow. In his comedy roadshow Michael can be recognised to get his use of comedic and relatable stories. One such is usually his recalling of a visit to the Gym changing rooms, which can be the part that I will be studying. In the first sentence in your essay of the piece, which is the declarative declaration " have never towel dried my arse in my whole life”, McIntyre uses taboo language. By using the term " arse” the social length between him self and the target audience is eliminated. The story seems to become immediately more relatable to those hearing as he seems to be on the same cultural standing like them, since taboo language is usually widely used in everyday life. Furthermore, the use of " arse” adds to the comedic value of the utterance, as is necessary with the use of taboo language within comedy. But dropping the pronoun " I” at the start of the sentence in your essay McIntyre also successfully produces a relaxed atmosphere the audience feel at ease in, since the utterance seems more colloquial and as a consequence even more relatable. This friendly target audience relationship is usually further made through McIntyre's use of simple pronunciation. For example , he pronounces the second person pronoun " you” since " ya” and uses elision if the pronoun is definitely next to the verb " know” to form " y'know”. This is proven in " They come out of your shower y'know”. In this circumstance the term " y'know” appears to be interrogative in a rhetorical perception, as though McIntyre is asking whether or not the target audience are able to associate with this sort of a situation. Generally speaking, they will be capable to as most people have visited a gym...